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About me
My name is Sami Hossny and I help entrepreneurs, executives and and busy professionals scale their lives through mastering their bodies and mindset. If you've ever struggled with losing weight, lack of energy and focus that you need for growing your business and personal life you have come to the right place.
Sheriff Transformation
Lost 28lbs, 15 inches from chest, waist and hips with the 90 day plan.
Dobromir Transformation
One of my client's amazing 90 days transformation!
Huge respect for all the work he put in and the great commitment to his goal!
He lost 15 kg fat and gained so much energy, confidence and muscle in the 12 week transformation program.
Villy Transformation
After going through the 90 days transformation program, she has learned what her body requires in order to feel good, look great and be full of energy. Now she has the tools and the knowledge that she needs to sustain her amazing new healthy lifestyle in full alignment with her priorities.
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Director of Life Chiropractic Wickford
Founder of worlds #1 sales agency
Sales Executive
Dr Stefan Gospodinov
Daniel Guaragna
Christian Otto
Inspiration Engineer
Calisthenics Coach
Account Executive
Carlos Salas
Joshua Chavez
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